July 15, 2020
The Key to Reservoir Services; RECORD, PRESERVE AND EXTRACT.

Our Staff

Zane Swope

Zane has over 27 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. The majority of his experience is within the management and sales arena of seismic processing. However, he has worked in other areas of the industry including software, speculative data, acquisition, and "procure to pay" solutions to give him a vast array of knowledge for the oil field life cycle.

Karen Chevis-McCoy
Senior Geophysicist/Partner
Karen’s specialty is producing seamless merged datasets with multiple vintages and orientations while maintaining true amplitude for AVO analysis. She employs a Controlled Amplitude/Controlled Phase processing sequence using different types of Noise Attenuation techniques customized for each individual survey. Karen has 34 years seismic processing experience.

Steven Larson
Senior Geophysicist/Partner
Steven’s 38 years of experience includes Controlled Amplitude/Controlled Phase processing, Statics, Noise Attenuation and Surface Consistent processing. His Reservoir Services expertise includes Gather Conditioning, AVO, Seismic Attributes, Inversion and Fluid/Lithology prediction.